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WFCA group the owners of Invicta Community and Leisure has over the last 4 years developed a partnership with HMP Standford Hill, in which we offer work placements under the Ministry of Justices Working Out Programme, to serving offenders in the local D-Cat low risk site. 

All of those of placement undergo careful assessment before being offered placements, taking into account a wide range of factors, showing effective rehabilitation has taken place and they are ready for this final step before full release. Those on placement will have never committed a sexual offence or one involving a child. 

These men provide an enormous support to the charity, enabling to carry out works and projects it would not normally be able to afford, for example the entire construction of the new gym at one of our sites, and the refurbishment of the centre this year was sole carried out by men on these placements. Those on placements under the supervision of our staff time carry out a range of functions such as admin, maintenance, catering, bar, youth support, barbering and gym staffing. 

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