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Fitness for All 

Our team are dedicated to making fitness as accessible to everyone as possible, as we know regular physical activity has great benefits to both physical and metal health


The Centre has a range of fitness classes and sessions you can take part in to become more active , our fitness for all class programme offers a range of classes designed to help people with mobility issues or low levels of fitness into taking part in regular fitness, we also run low cost classes to make it easier for those on limited incomes to still take part in great fun fitness classes.

In addition to our own classes we also have external hirers that offer fitness classes such as yoga.

Class Prices:

Gym Member: £3

Non Gym Member: £5

Spin - Gym Member: £5

Spin - Non Gym Member: £7

Class Pass: £25

A monthly membership to as many classes as you like.

*Please note there will still be a £2 supplement for Spin Classes

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