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Youth Hub 
Come and join our youth team on a  Thursday 5pm - 8pm and Sunday 6pm - 9pm, there's plenty of space to chill with mates, charge your phone and lots more to do


Pizza Oven

Fresh cooked pizza and a drink for £5 


Wii Just Dance 

See who has the best dance moves out of you and your friends on the big screen


Games Tables 

Shoot some pool or beat your friends at table tennis



Play on our excellent all weather pitches



Play the best games and set up tournaments with your mates



Come along and show your creative side, such as decorating jewellery pots or gift cards

Free Teen Gym

We have recently recieved funding from Reconnect to provide Free Teen Gym sessions to local young people aged between 13 and 18. These sessions will have a youth worker and gym staff available to help guide young people through their start in fitness. If you have any questions around these sessions, please email for more information.

To attend these sessions you must have a Reconnect Code. This will be supplied by your school.

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